Please use this page to get help and resources for
everything from reading to technology help.

Reading Websites and Resources

Book Suggestion Websites


E-Book and Online Reading Resources

FanFiction (read user-created fiction about your favorite books)
Myths and Legends
Bibiomania (Free Short Stories, Fiction, Poetry, Interviews, etc.)

Audio Book Resources

Books Should Be Free

Writing Websites and Resources

Writing Inspiration

Picturing America
Five-Card Flickr

Organization Help

Graphic Organizers

Online Writing/Editing/Publishing

Million Monkeys Typing (writing, rewriting, and group editing user-created stories)
Create a 3D Pop-up Book

Bubblr (Create stories/comics/ads using Flickr images)
Bookr (Create a book using images from Flickr)

Magnetic Poetry
Capzles (Storytelling using pictures, audio, video, text, and timelines)

Comic Creations


Helpful Websites and Resources for Wikis and Blogs

General Links for Help: (A TON OF GREAT IDEAS AND HOW TOs)

Music/Audio Links: (music) (Use this one to MAKE your playlist for your page.) AOL Music (Be sure you search where it says, "Search Videos.") (audio/podcasts) (audio clips)

Text Editors/Decorators: (Add special effects to your pictures and text) (Your words will automatically flip upside down)

General Creation Tools: (Great for making GAMES using questions about yourself)

__http://toondoo.com__ (This is where you make your own comic strip.)

__http://edu.glogster.com__ (You may create a glog about you to put somewhere on your page.)

__http://animoto.com__ (Create videos made by pictures, audio, text, and video)

Museum Box

Picture Links: (photos) (use this to create picture collages) (allows you to do all kinds of cool things to pictures for free) (Create all kinds of effects and backgrounds using your own pictures.) (create collages online with pictures) (photos/videos)

Video Links: AOL Music Videos (video) (Really Random, but cool, videos) (photos/videos) or

Converting Tools:

Language Arts Resources

Definitions and examples of numerous literary terms
Webowords (Visual Respresentations of Words)
GotBrainy (Videos and Pictures created to match vocabulary)
Paper Rater (Plug in your paper to check for grammar and other mistakes)

Games and Interactive Websites

Bow Street Runner (set in the 18th Century)

Delicious Bookmarks
Can't find what you are looking for? Check out Ms. Grant's Delicious Bookmark Page. There are hundreds of great resources there that you can sort by tag.